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About Us

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Perfect Combustion Sdn. Bhd. has been providing the highest standards of combustion and heating solutions to our customers since 1997. We are recognised as the industry leader in Malaysia given the wide range of products being offered and experiences in tackling the most challenging engineering problems. Leveraging Perfect Combustion’s talented team of engineers and our reliable overseas partners, we design, fabricate, and commission solutions that can meet the highest industrial safety standard for our customers.

We are proud to serve multinational customers from various industries including food & beverage, rubber & plastic, automotive, chemicals, metal processing, and healthcare. Perfect Combustion has a track record for optimising our customers’ energy consumption which has allowed them to achieve great savings in production costs. Our low carbon solutions can also meet the most stringent environmental regulations, allowing our customers to contribute towards sustainable growth. We also offer state of the art combustion management system which can be easily integrated into the existing ecosystem, aligning ourselves with customers’ Industry 4.0 strategy

To be recognised internationally as the expert in combustion & heating industry.

Deliver safe & sustainable solutions to our customers within reliable delivery time. Serve our valuable customers in a professional manner. Empower our employees with the knowledge and training required to succeed in their career.